Changes to Village Agents scheme

The Village and Community Agents scheme will be combining with Social Prescribing to become a new service called Community Connectors in October this year.

Village and Community Agents have been working across the county for 11 years and helped thousands of older people and communities gain better access to services and information as well as providing support and assistance to those who need it most.  Over the past 4 years, Social Prescribing has offered GP practices and other healthcare professionals a mechanism for referring patients who are in need of alternatives to prescribed medicines and has worked closely with Village and Community Agents.  The schemes have evolved tremendously over the years, building up networks of referral partners and building vital knowledge about the areas in which they work.

Community Connectors will be accessible in each district of Gloucestershire with five providers delivering the new service.  GRCC will deliver the service in the Cotswold District.

The new contracts for Community Connectors will begin on 1 October.  Until then, the existing Village and Community Agents will continue to take referrals from the breadth of partners that we work with and to make referrals for clients.  GRCC will be working with the Village and Community Agents and with the other providers across the county to ensure that the transfer of staff to their new roles is as smooth as possible.  We expect that the new providers will communicate their plans over the coming weeks and, from 1st October, we will publish the relevant contact details so that you can get in touch with the new providers direct.