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Updated Covid-19 guidance for Village & Community Halls

Issue 4 of the ACRE Re-opening Information sheet for Community Buildings has been released to reflect Government information at 20 July and anticipated changes at 25 July and 1 August.

GRCC Community Buildings Network

GRCC will be hosting a session via Zoom on ‘Opening up Community Buildings’ in which we will share guidance to help your committee consider the risks and challenges around opening your building again.

Coronavirus: Guidance for Community Buildings and Village Halls 

As the Coronavirus pandemic unfolds, we are having to make changes to keep ourselves and our communities safe.  Here is some guidance for the management of community buildings and village halls.

Gloucestershire’s Only Village Hall with a Thatched Roof

Located in a village within the south Cotswolds lays an intriguing building available to anyone within the community. What is its intrigue you may ask? Well, this hall is the only village hall in Gloucestershire with a thatched roof.