Videos From Our Centenary Event - A Window On Our Work

For our Centenary event in July 2023, we made quite a number of short videos that showcase the work of the teams at GRCC.   

Community Development Team 

Our Community Development Team asked people from several voluntary and community organisations to talk about the value of the support they receive from GRCC.

Community Wellbeing Team

Some of our Cotswold Community Wellbeing Team explained their role as Social Prescribers and the positive impact that they have on their clients' lives.

Rural Affordable Housing Team

Our Rural Affordable Housing Team asked two residents of new rural affordable housing developments in the county to talk about the impact their new affordable rented homes have had on their lives. 

Independence Trust - Mental Health, Autism and Wellbeing Support Teams

Independence Trust is part of GRCC, but has its own website.  You'll find lots of videos from the Independence Trust teams if you take a look at the 'Our Impact' page of the Independence Trust website.