Knife Angel Sculpture at Gloucester Cathedral is the focus for anti-violence youth work

Our new neighbour in the cathedral close for the month of February is the amazing, 27 foot-high Knife Angel sculpture which is visiting Gloucester as part of the National Youth Anti-Violence UK Tour.

Knife Angel Sculpture at Gloucester Cathedral

The Angel was made by sculptor Alfie Bradley at the British Ironworks Centre in Oswestry, Shropshire, as part of a knife amnesty project which collected 100,000 knives from every part of the UK.  Families who had lost loved ones to knife crime were given the opportunity to have a message engraved onto a blade, and these blades were then used in making the Angel's wings. 

The sculpture is in Gloucester until 28th February, after which it moves on to Guildford Cathedral.   While the sculpture is here it is being used as the focus for youth work by Stuart Hopkins of Barton Street Police Station and his colleagues - educating potential young offenders and gang members about the real life, fatal consequences of carrying knives.  Some of the knives for the Angel sculpture project were collected by Gloucestershire Constabulary, said PCSO Hopkins, and these have now come full circle back to Gloucestershire as part of the sculpture.  

Police Community Support Officer Stuart Hopkins with the Knife Angel Sculpture at Gloucester Cathedral

GRCC's Community Development Team help to keep teenagers away from gangs and crime in Cheltenham by running the Cheltenham Youth Work Network.  To join this, or for support with youth projects elsewhere in the county, contact our Community Development Team on or 01452 528491.