North Cerney Affordable Homes Project completed!

Yesterday, GRCC’s Rural Housing Enabler, Martin Hutchings, attended an informal open hour hosted by Cirencester Housing for the affordable housing project in North Cerney. He was able to look round 12 newly built affordable dwellings in North Cerney which has been named Churnbridge Row.

GRCC have been involved from the very start of this project in 2013 when we undertook a survey of the parish’s housing needs at the request of North Cerney Parish Council. Parish councillors and Martin together identified a number of small potential residential development sites in the parish. It’s fantastic to see the project come to fruition over the years.

The project includes 10 affordable dwellings for rent and 2 for shared ownership. All dwellings are heated by their own air-source heat pumps and insulated to very high standard thereby minimising occupiers’ heating bills.

Priority is and will always be given to persons with a defined local connection to North Cerney and Bagendon Parishes and this caveat is carried across to any affordable housing scheme. The first dwellings are due to be occupied as from 10th August and GRCC feels proud to have been involved in this project.