Cheltenham VCS Forum: Culture Special

On Wednesday evening, GRCC hosted a special VCS Forum regarding the cultural offer in Cheltenham.

This meeting was held at the Grove Street Community Resource centre in Cheltenham and was designed to allow the VCS sector to have a say in what the future cultural offer in Cheltenham will look like.

Richard Gibson from the Cheltenham Lottery for Good Causes attended the evening to provide context and also take questions, suggestions and comments from the forum.

For the next stage of the evening, the main group of which there were around 20 attendees, was split into smaller groups to hold discussions about what issues there are with the current cultural offering. The smaller groups then came back together to discuss these. This gave people, who may not be as confident to speak to the large group to have their voices heard.

The main topics of discussion were communication and how events are communicated, the cultural offer to young people as well as provided a platform to share cultural achievements.

These comments will be put forward to the Cheltenham Cultural Board so that the VCS sector has their voice heard and has an influence on the future of culture in the town.

If you would like the minutes from the meeting then please email