Writing a Great Funding Bid Training Workshop

GRCC hosted our first Training and Development programme of the autumn and with 14 attendees, it was a great success!

This was the first of four VCS Training and Development sessions that GRCC will be hosting this autumn and explained just what goes into writing a great funding bid for VCS organisations.

With 14 attendees, this session was sold out and was very popular and with GRCC’s very own Barbara Pond leading the workshop, you can see why. The attendees were all from charitable organisations within Gloucestershire and aimed to gives them tips and strategies to write a great funding bid.

The session kicked off with the introduction of the attendees and each person was given time to explain what organisations they were from, the level of funding experience they had and any specific funds they were looking at. The relaxed atmosphere of the training meant that everyone was able to share confidently and they were regular questions and interactions with each other.

The next stage of the workshop was a quick exercise of ranking five different opening statements of real life funding bid examples. This proved useful in identifying what made a good statement and this was before any of the key topics.

After this was the real bulk of the session which was working through ten top tips to writing a funding bid. This included areas such as providing clarity, the difference between outputs and outcomes as well as tips on language. There was also emphasis on thinking about sustainability and being clear about costs.

The session ended with a look at some possible resources for funding or advice as well as any final questions that attendees had. GRCC are a possible resource for advice and if you have questions about a funding bid or simply need a bid checked then you can contact bpond@grcc.org.uk.

We now turn our attention to the next Training and Development session. The Price is Right – Your Guide to Full Cost Recovery will take place on the 23rd October. For more info and how to book you place, click here.