Cheltenham VCS Forum Agenda Announced

The network, which is exclusively for open to voluntary or community sector organisations that work in Cheltenham, will host Cheltenham Borough Council, the National Lottery and much more.

The event is set to take place on Tuesday 20 August 2019, 10am – 12pm at Community Resource Centre in Cheltenham with a wide variety of speakers. The forum is open to any voluntary or community organisation in Cheltenham and unfortunately will not be taking walk-ins from the general public. Please sign-up by emailing, calling 01452 528491 or by filling the form out at the bottom of this page.

The event is designed to offer an opportunity to VCS organisations in Cheltenham to network and connect with colleagues in the town and has seen great success in the past.

At the last Cheltenham VCS Forum in June Darren Knight Executive Director of People and Change at the Cheltenham Borough Council presented the key priorities included in their corporate plan. He made particular reference to the value of the VCS to the town and the borough council in helping to achieve priorities for communities in Cheltenham. We also heard from Lizzie George from Create on the Square, who are exploring setting up a community bank in West Cheltenham and would be pleased to hear from organisations as to their views on this. A couple of member organisations are seeing a significant increase in demand for their services. They are now looking for more volunteers to help them cope with the demand. These were Community Connexions and Reclaim.

If you are part of a voluntary or community organisation in Cheltenham and would like to attend, please sign-up by emailing, calling 01452 528491 or by filling out the form below.