Emergency Plans (EPs)

Making sure your community is prepared for emergency situations, such as severe weather, can help you deal with crisis situations and lessen their long term impact.

A community Emergency Plan is a document setting out what you’ll do in an emergency before statutory authorities and Emergency Services arrive on the scene, to support them in tackling the emergency, and to deal with the aftermath.

Benefits of having a plan:-

• Helps communities feel prepared and able to cope if statutory authorities or Emergency Services are not immediately available
• Makes people aware of what they can do in advance to reduce risk
• ‘Joins up’ local knowledge, facilities and people so that an emergency has less impact and there’s less likelihood of damage or personal injury
• Co-ordinates people to take instructions from Emergency Services and work with statutory authorities in a safe and effective way,
• Helps communities make best use of their skills and assets in an emergency – and support each other.

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Need support with your Emergency Plan? Contact cdt@grcc.org.uk or call us on 01452 528491.

GRCC is a partner with Gloucestershire Community Resilience Forum, sharing ideas on emergency planning best practice.  An updated version of the 'Are You Ready?' booklet has recently been released, providing practical information and advice for individuals to help them be prepared for an emergency situation such as severe weather, flooding, power loss.  Click the link in the sidebar to download a copy.