Digital Accessibility, Inclusion Support and Innovation

GRCC is helping individuals, organisations and institutions become digitally ready.

GRCC’s new project, DAISI (Digital Accessibility & Inclusion Support & Innovation ) aims to use the knowledge, expertise and connections of the project and the organisation to support with any digital need they may have. Some examples of the work:

  • Providing laptops to the GEM project participants while having a return on investment of over 100% of original funding, through accessing non-profit schemes and implementing an open source policy when safe and applicable to do so. 
  • Supporting anyone with an online presence to be in line with digital best practice and legislation. This includes providing a best practice summary, a full accessibility audit as well as guidance on how to produce and maintain accessibility through digital marketing.
  • Supporting organisations to implement changes that maximises inclusivity and productivity by giving everyone the tools they need to succeed by default. We have supported organisations to make more inclusive policies and procedures, such as production of easy read documents and the information in multiple formats.
  • Support to digitize and implement online change within an organisation and/or institutions. Helping everyone get the most out of digital infrastructure and get all the benefits from being online.

The DAISI project is Gloucestershire's leading resource to help the county, and beyond, to ‘become digitally ready one click at a time’. If you're unsure which service you might like, feel free to contact us and we can create a custom plan and quote to meet your needs.

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