Community Building COVID-19 Guidance

As the lead organisation for support for Community Buildings, GRCC has recently held online sessions to guide you through how to re-open your community building with regard to the rules around COVID-19.

For those of you that were unable to attend, you can access the ACRE information sheet by clicking on the links below. This should be read alongside the latest government guidance issued on the same subject which can be accessed by clicking here.

To help you interpret the information and for further help, please contact and

ACRE Covid-19 Information sheet - opening your hall after lockdown V6 18.9.2020

Appendix A: Reopening checklist

Appendix B: Covid Re-opening questionnaire

Appendix C: Covid secure poster

Appendix D: Management of social distancing

Appendix E: Sample special conditions of hire during Covid-19

Appendix F: Risk assessment for hall committees

Appendix G: Risk assessment for hall hirers

Appendix H: Covid-19 first aid box

Appendix I: Playground and play equipment signage

Appendix J: Performances in village and community halls

Appendix K: Indoor and outdoor exercise and sport

Appendix L: Covid-19 treatment plan

Appendix M: Test & Trace QR Code

Legionella guidance - Covid-19