Community Building COVID-19 Guidance

As the lead organisation for support for Community Buildings, GRCC has held many online sessions since 2020 to guide you through how to re-open your community building with regard to the rules around COVID-19. To make sure you know about any events and information relevant to Community Buildings please sign up to our dedicated mailing list here.  

Update February 2022: As of 24.2.22 the Government have removed the remaining legal restrictions. ACRE have released a new Briefing which outlines what these changes mean for you. You can find this below.

As such, a number of the previous appendices are no longer required. Below you will find updated appendices C, E, F, and G. In addition, Appendices H, I and L can still be used and have not been updated. Although use of QR codes or keeping records (previously Appendix M) is still encouraged, it is no longer mandatory. Consequently it is now only included as an "ask" in the updated Appendix E.

Please read through the guidance, update your Risk Assessments as required and if you need further support contact your local GRCC Community Development Team member if known or email and a member of the team will get back to you.


ACRE Briefing February 22nd 2022

Appendix C: Covid secure poster

Appendix E: Special Hire Conditions

Appendix F: Risk assessment for hall committees

Appendix G: Risk assessment for hall hirers


Appendix H: Covid-19 first aid box

Appendix I: Playground and play equipment signage

Appendix L: Covid-19 treatment plan