Testimonials and Feedback

We love to get feedback about our work from people and organisations.  You can email us any comments to info@grcc.org.uk


"You have provided me with much encouragement, guidance and invaluable advice in the past 18 months; your input and support has been invaluable, something I very much appreciate, thank you."

"Thank you so much for all the support and advice that GRCC has provided."

"Your resource was highlighted to us by the Scottish Council of Voluntary Organisations, as an excellent example of sharing expertise/resources.  My huge thanks for this work, which has made it far easier for us to address policy needs here!"

"With my other Parish Councillor hat on - can I just say how incredible GRCC have been in supporting the parish in the last few months - we couldn't have got half as far as we have without you."

"GRCC has made learning iPad skills fun and easy. Just by sitting at my side and showing me the basics, Matthew has encouraged me and this in turn has made me want to learn more and more.  Thank you GRCC, you got me started."

"Thank you so much for your time yesterday, I found it really helpful and supportive. You have a fantastic depth of knowledge and experience, and it was great to have an ‘external view’ and insight.   I will put all the ideas into practice and will let you know how I get on."  (Glos Charity CEO)

"Thank you so much for your email yesterday...it really cheered me up. My Mum always said kindness costs nothing, and you and your colleagues have been so generous, and it was not expected... I understand you will be closing the case, but I would like to say, you have been a marvellous help to me." (Part of a thank you message from a Social Prescribing client).

"Could I please thank you both for making me so welcome at the Cheltenham and Cotswolds Know Your Patch meetings.  They are really well set up and organised, such a great forum to connect with people and services across the county to link in and work together. "  

"My social prescriber has been truly warm, understanding, helpful, non-judgemental and has even made me laugh despite my current situation. I have very much enjoyed our conversations. I'd strongly encourage anyone to try the service.”

I would like to thank Laura at GRCC for the provision of a number of Job Clubs in and around our communities.  I have witnessed first-hand the positive impact that Laura has had on our customers and the communities that we serve. It has been great to work in partnership with GRCC, and I look forward to working closely over the coming months and years.  (Feedback from Bromford Housing for our ESHO job clubs.)

I was looking for a job after taking a long career break. Laura played a crucial role in helping me navigate my return to work....  Laura's unwavering support during our weekly meetings kept me motivated to keep applying. Finally, I landed a job as a Business Administrator for a reputable organization. I am immensely grateful to Laura and the Job Club.   (Feedback for our ESHO job clubs from a client).

"Quite some years ago now ... I undertook skilled (Surface Water Catchment) Flood Warden training. That training was one of the most valuable educational experiences of my life.  ... This email is intended to express my appreciation, for the unique skills that GRCC Officers gave me."

Dear Cara (GRCC's Affordable Housing Manager) - I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you very much for attending last night's meeting at our Parish Council.  The Councillors and some audience members who stayed to the end of the meeting expressed how good it was – appreciating how thorough and clear the talk was and in particular how well you answered the many varied questions and knew the subject so well.  We hope you achieved what you had hoped for from the meeting too and look forward to working with you.

"Lauren Woods, who was with the The North Cotswolds Community Wellbeing Services, supported me to solve some problems - they boiled down to digital challenges.  Recently she has joined Tewkesbury Borough as their Digital & Technology Navigator.  I could write a screed on how useful she was...   I am glad she hasn't left the organisation...  You have an asset there."

"Good afternoon Cara [GRCC's Affordable Housing Manager]Many thanks for giving of your time last night to present the GRCC’s survey on housing need. Your presentation was well received and certainly contributed to a successful meeting on which we hope the PC can build in future."