The DAISI Project – Our Digital Inclusion Achievements So Far

GRCC’s "Digital Accessibility, Inclusion, Support, and Innovation" (DAISI) Project  started in the autumn of 2021, mainly offering one-to-one training and group workshops that were geared towards employment support. 

Since then, the DAISI Project’s scope has broadened to include consultancy, training and support for VCS organisations, and providing free refurbished digital devices and pre-paid SIM cards.   

What's more, we've just reached the amazing total of a million pounds’ worth of equipment, pre-paid SIM cards, and support that we've now given out to groups and individuals in Gloucestershire.

“The DAISI Project started as a very small seedling, but it’s now fully grown and is blossoming as a nationally recognised digital inclusion organisation,” said Dan Gale, GRCC’s Digital Inclusion Manager.

Daniel Gale helping a client who is using a laptop

Recent recognition for the DAISI Project includes becoming a Network Ambassador for the Good Things Foundation, being shortlisted for the UK Digital Inclusion Award run by ISPA (the Internet Service Providers Association), becoming a Digital Poverty Alliance key support provider for the South West, and our work  being featured on the BBC website. 

How can DAISI help you?

  1. Free Laptops, Smartphones, and Pre-Paid SIMS:  Thanks to our partnership with organisations like the ITSA Digital Trust we can provide high quality refurbished laptops and smartphones to local Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS) organisations and to people on employment support schemes.   We can also provide six months of free calls, texts, and mobile data to anyone in data-poverty in Gloucestershire through our work with the Vodafone Foundation.  
  2. Accessibility Compliance:  DAISI helps VCS organisations to meet digital best practice standards and conform with accessibility legislation. We can provide comprehensive audits and guidance to make sure that your digital platforms are accessible to all, improving digital inclusion and boosting the effectiveness of your online presence and digital marketing.  We can also  help you to write more inclusive policies, publish easy-to-read documents, publish information in multiple formats, and design new digital services that are fully inclusive.
  3. The Digital Hubs Initiative:  DAISI are the lead partners in Cheltenham Borough and the Cotswold District for the Gloucestershire Digital Hubs Project.  At the Digital Hubs, people can get free, one-to-one help with any aspects of digital life that they need support with, such as online banking, applying for housing and benefits online, setting up and using an email address, using free online resources such as Google Documents, setting up digital devices, and keeping safe from online frauds.  This hands-on support aims to ensure that everyone, regardless of income, age, experience or disability, can get help to navigate the digital world with confidence.   To deliver the Digital Hubs we work alongside several key partners including Cheltenham Borough Homes, Cotswolds Friends, The Churn Project, and Bromford Housing, as well as many small VCS organisations who serve a very specific locality.  Find out where your nearest Digital Support Hub is by contacting

GRCC's Izzie Robinson sending out free pre-paid SIM cards to Gloucestershire food banks and other community support organisations.

Why Should You Engage With DAISI?

  1. Down To Earth Help:  If you need help with digital issues or digital inclusion in Gloucestershire, just get in touch.  You don’t need to apply for funding or fill in forms – if you need support and we have what you need, we deliver that help to you fast.  We pride ourselves on being an incredibly agile and fast-moving project.
  2. Expertise and Support: DAISI's expertise in digital best practice and accessibility standards ensures that organisations are well-equipped to meet the evolving digital needs of their audiences.
  3. Community-Centric Solutions: DAISI's emphasis on community participation and co-production ensures that solutions are grounded in local needs and existing community assets, making them more effective and sustainable.
  4. Global and Local Impact: Through initiatives like the RUSTIK project, DAISI demonstrates its commitment not only to local but also to global digital inclusion.

Working with DAISI offers a great opportunity to be part of a digitally inclusive Gloucestershire.  Whether you're an individual wanting to improve your digital skills, or an organisation aiming to improve your digital services and accessibility, DAISI can provide the tools, knowledge, and support that you need to navigate the digital landscape effectively.

Contact GRCC’s DAISI project via or call us on 01452 528491 to discuss how we can help you with your digital needs.