Walking for Wellbeing

Social Prescriber, Sarah Harrison, takes us through the benefits of walking for your wellbeing and a few ideas of what you can do on your walks.

With the weather improving, it gives a chance to have a nice walk in the country and enjoy the sunshine, often exploring places closest home we haven’t explored before.  

There are a number of things you can do whilst out walking to make the most of your time in the fresh air and bring mindfulness, peace and reflection into play.

Walking can offer a distraction from the stresses of everyday life and give people to explore their local environment.

Make use of your senses

Take a moment on each walk to stand still and listen, to be away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life where there can often be a lot of distractions. Is there a bird calling from the trees?

As long as it’s not a stinging nettle, gently run your hand along a plant or tree and feel the texture of it. Is it rough or smooth, or different to how you were expecting from what it looked like?

Stand still for one minute taking in the view, this will help to clear your mind.

Allergies and hay fever permitting, can you smell a flower or the smell of grass after it has rained the day before.



If you have a camera or a smartphone you can use this to really focus on and notice things in your surroundings that you haven’t before.

Pick something you would like to photograph. These can be broad themes such as a specific colour, or more specific such as trying to photograph a certain bird.



Think about your breathing. Is it steady and controlled?  To keep it regular you may like to try and time it with the steps you take whilst walking.