Brilliant Apps for Mental Health Support for Young People

With mental health issues for young people on the rise it is more important than ever that young people know where they can go to access support. Similarly, supporting young people to develop their own skills to manage their mental health is also vital. Here, are our favorite three apps for mental health support.

eQuoo: Emotional Fitness Game

Endorsed by the NHS, eQuoo offer an emotional wellbeing game which combines CBT with an interactive game face. Pick a character and work with your personal guide, Joy to develop the skills and experience needed to manage your mental health more effectively. eQuoo was developed by a team of Psychologists and APP designers who wanted to bring Cognitive Behavioural Skills to young people and adults (aged 12+) in a new and engaging way.  Go on adventures, collect gems and level up your mental health with this quirky and engaging game. 

Can be downloaded at the APP store.


Endorsed by the NHS, Meetwo is an app aimed at Teens looking for advise and support on a variety of issues. Anonymously post a comment or question about an issue you are facing and have support from other teens who are going through the something similar. Trained MeeTwo experts can also pitch in and offer guidance to help you develop emotional resilience, confidence and improved wellbeing.  All answers are moderated to ensure only positive responses are posted. 

Can be downloaded at the APP store.


Funded by the NHS and free during the Covid-19 pandemic, ThinkNinja is a mental health app for young people aged 10 – 18. With a variety of interesting content, the app aims to support young people with the development of their mental health and emotional wellbeing. With access to the “Wise Ninja” a personal coach, children and young people can explore and set goals, track their daily mood and learn new techniques for managing stress, getting better sleep and dealing with negative thoughts and emotions. 

Can be downloaded at the APP store.