World Mental Health Day 2020

October 10th is World Mental Health Day and this year’s theme is mental health for all. This year has been difficult for many during the Coronavirus pandemic. This article looks at some steps you can take as well as some resources you can make use of.

Mental health problems can affect anyone at any time and if you are struggling then there are some simple steps you can take to help you, help yourself.

  • Take a break – whether it’s a piece of work that’s really stressing you out or something at home, taking 5 minutes to yourself to just sit and breath can really help to alleviate stress.
  • Go for a walk – going for a walk and getting some fresh air can also help with mental health and can allow you to think more clearly about your tasks ahead.
  • Talking to someone – trying to not to bottle things up is really important and just having a chat with someone can take that weight off your mind. People are always willing to help you.
  • Eating well – having a healthy diet can also help you have a healthy mind. Try to eat your five a day, keep a balanced diet and drink plenty of water.
  • Having a social media break – Social Media can sometimes cause anxiety, loneliness or fear of missing out and if you think it’s having a negative effect on you, try taking a break for a few days.

Of course, sometimes mental health problems can continue even when trying these steps and if you feel you need extra help then there are plenty of resources for you.

GRCC – reaching out to our Social Prescribers in Gloucestershire. As part of our Community Wellbeing Service (CWS) they will be able to refer you to the resources you need. Head over to the CWS page to refer now.

Mind – The organisation behind World Mental Health Day is a good place to start for any help and their website has lots of different options.

Samaritans – if you need to talk to someone then giving the Samaritans a ring is a good idea. The Samaritans is not just for those with suicidal thoughts but provides any opportunity for anyone to talk about any thoughts or feelings they may have. 

Suicide Crisis - Suicide Crisis Centres can support you if you live in Gloucestershire and are a resource to use if you are in crisis. The centres offer a safe place where you will be supported and helped through your crisis