Community Homes GlosHub Launched

On Thursday 20th August, GRCC’s Community Homes GlosHub was officially launched via a Zoom meeting. Read this article to find out how it went.

In these strange times, launching a Community Home GlosHub was always going to be different to what you might expect. But on Zoom, we’ve learnt to hold meetings, catch up with friends and take part in an endless amount of family quizzes and now GRCC have launched our Community Homes GlosHub via the video call platform!

The event had 20 people on the call and was used as a chance to explain what the GlosHub is and how is can help. Chloe Maliphant, Martin Hutchings and Max Comfort gave talks on a variety of subjects including the benefits of community-led housing and how the hub fits in with that.

The attendees had a range of experience with some representing well established community projects and some who were relatively new to the industry and the presentations gave clarity on what we are hoping to do. There was even an opportunity for discussion in smaller groups in the form of breakout rooms.

One of the first steps of getting the help of Community Homes GlosHub is completing a scoping questionnaire to tell us a little more about yourselves. If you have an interest in the help you can get, please fill out this questionnaire: 

In addition to the launch, Martin Hutchings was on BBC Radio Glos discussing the project on Tuesday morning! The GlosHub website will also be ready soon so keep an eye for that.