Updated Covid-19 guidance for Village & Community Halls

Issue 4 of the Re-opening Information Sheet for Community Buildings has been released to reflect the Government information at 20 July and anticipated changes at 25 July and 1 August.  You can find and download the full guidance here.

The changes mainly reflect the Government guidance around the opening of performance and sport venues, which are reflected in revision of Appendix D (Management of Social Distancing - a risk based approach) and new appendices J and K which summarise key points as they are most likely to affect village halls and similar facilities, such as allowing yoga, keep fit, rehearsals and live performances.

Social distancing has been a common cause of confusion and updated Government guidance for individuals was released on 18 July, including specific guidance that seated wedding receptions for up to 30 are permitted from 1 August.  Further guidance about social distancing is given at the end of Appendix D, rather than in Section 2.2, and we hope this clarifies where responsibility lies.  There are consequential tweaks to the Special Conditions of Hire (i.e. to the reference on social distancing, to remove the ban on performances, add an optional condition on compliance with any governing sport guidance).  Other changes to Appendix D answer common queries, e.g. about hiring for children's parties, children's entertainers, toddler groups, games.  ACRE's aim is that as further easing of lockdown takes place further changes to the Information Sheet are likely to be primarily in Appendix D.