The Story of the Keeping in Touch Newsletters

During the worst of the COVID-19 Pandemic, GRCC were able to provide newsletters which outlined details of new grants and financial aid to help VCSE organisations.

During the early stages of the COVID-19 Pandemic, GRCC put together newsletters with details of new grants becoming available to help voluntary and community sector organisations deal with the financial consequences of the coronavirus pandemic. There were three issues of the aptly named Keeping in Touch, or KIT for short, all during April when the pandemic was at its peak.

The first one was published on the 1st April and aimed to look at the early grants and financial aid available to VCSE organisations. The situation was changing daily and GRCC felt it was vital to provide the information to support those who needed it and so a week later, the second issue was available providing even more opportunities and providing the support that many needed in these troubling times. KIT 3 was published towards the end of April and was able to bring many more grant opportunities that had arisen in just a few weeks since lockdown commenced as well as reminding community buildings of the Legionella risk.

Angela Gilbert, Community Development Team Manager at GRCC, said, “Keeping the voluntary and community sector informed is a key strand to our work. We know there are significant challenges for VCS organisations, particularly in relation to funding, and being able to support them with timely and relevant information is what we do”. Liane James, who is part of the Community Development Team at GRCC, added, “With the situation changing so quickly, we were pleased to be able to help some organisations look for sources of funding as many organisations were changing their services to me the needs of COVID-19”.

Whilst the focus is rightfully on the unbelievable job the NHS has done as well as the monumental effort that communities put into helping each other, KIT was a great success for the VCSE organisations in need and GRCC feels proud to have been able to contribute just a little during the worst of the pandemic. Whilst we are through the worst of it, GRCC will continue to provide support for VCSE organisations and so don't hesitate to get in touch.

The KIT Newsletters are still available to view on our COVID-19 Support page which also provides a lot of other support information should you need it.