Four ways to stay motivated at home

Many of us are working from home now, including the entire GRCC office. We’ve written this article to help you if you’re struggling to get going at home.

Set up a routine

Most of us will appreciate a good routine and it’s more important than ever to give structure to your day. Keeping a daily morning routine can help you prepare for the working day and organising the day into hourly slots can help to get through tasks. Try listening to GRCC's Work From Home Spotify playlist to kick off the day on the right note. Listen by clicking here.


Isolation is actually a great time to start exercising – even without venturing out of the home. There are a many exercise classes on YouTube and local gyms have really stepped up to provide you with home exercises. Exercise has well documented benefits and will keep you feeling mentally positive as well as keeping you healthy physically. A big advantage of being home is that you can exercise on your lunch break! 

Reward yourself

Reward yourself through the day to keep you moving through tasks. The thought of a small reward at the successful completion of a task can be enough to make you push through. Having some chocolate, making a coffee or playing with your pets are just a few reward ideas.

Switch off when you finish

This is probably the hardest part of working from home is being able to switch off from work and relax. Try to do your work in a room where you wouldn’t normally be, keep to your hours and put your laptop away when you finish for the day