International Social Prescribing Day

The 12th March is International Social Prescribing Day and GRCC wants to celebrate our Social Prescribers that help make up the Community Wellbeing Service in the Cotswold’s.

The day represents an annual celebration of Social Prescribers around the world, each of which plays a crucial role in the wellbeing of the people they help. Social Prescribers are proven to improve quality of life and emotional wellbeing for the patients they see.

GRCC runs the Community Wellbeing Service in the Cotswold’s. The service offers one-to-one support for individuals through social prescribing and may also signpost or refer people to activities and groups available in their area.

Celebrating Social Prescribing is important because of the sheer dedication and effort that social prescribers put into the care of their patients. They play an increasingly important role in communities, particularly isolated communities. Within the Cotswold’s, it’s all too common for communities, and therefore anyone without a consistent social group or transport, to become isolated.

GRCC are currently recruiting for a Social Prescriber in the South Cotswold’s. If you feel inspired by today’s celebration and feel you may be a good fit then you can apply here.