GRCC helps to implement Sensory Equipment in Schools

Sensory Equipment has been installed in five schools and nursery groups, after GRCC was awarded funding from the Summerfield Trust.

GRCC was awarded funding from Summerfield Trust to help children’s centres buy sensory equipment to provide support for children with additional needs.

The Sensory Equipment is designed to enhance learning for children, particularly those with special needs. The benefits of sensory play are well documented and the equipment aims to stimulate children to learn vital skills needed during education. Children are able to develop language and motor skills as well as encouraging scientific thinking and problem solving.

Each school had been part of an initiative in 2017 to transfer children’s centre assets to community management and GRCC had worked with them on this initiative. The organisations involved were Coney Hill Primary School; Stow Community and Family Hub, Tewkesbury Church of England Primary School, Parton Manor Children’s Centre; Kingsway School and Beacon Children’s Centre.

GRCC were able to secure the funding which was then distributed between the organisations to buy the much needed equipment. Light tables, sand trays and mirrored pebbles were just a few examples of the resources that have been acquired as a result.

A comment from one of the children’s centres was, “The equipment is greatly benefitting the children who attend groups at The Beacon Children’s Centre through developing their sensory play. Sensory play supports language development, cognitive growth, motor skills, problem solving skills, and social interaction.”

Below are a few photos of some of the equipment that has been bought with the funding: