Why Volunteer?

GRCC are proud to support the voluntary sector in Gloucestershire and want to both encourage people to volunteer and also help organisations with managing, supporting or recruiting volunteers.

Why Volunteer

Volunteering can provide a number of benefits for your health and wellbeing whilst also helping people in need. GRCC have devised 4 C’s of volunteering benefits:

-         Connection with others – Volunteering is very rarely a lonely task, you are sure to meet people along the way and often lifelong friendships can be formed whilst volunteering.

-         Challenge yourself - Volunteering can be tough at times but pushing yourself out of your comfort zone to help people in need makes it all the more worthwhile.

-         Career development – Most job roles will ask for experience in some form. Volunteering can help build vital life skills and can also look great on your CV.

-         Creates fun & excitement – At the end of the day, volunteering is one of the most fun and fulfilling things to do with your spare time.


Glos champions

We want encourage people to become Glos Champions by taking on a volunteering role. Our website will soon offer the facilities to search for roles through volunteering websites in Gloucestershire.

We want people to be involved, be inspired and ultimately, be the difference because the positive impact caused by any form of volunteering can be highly significant for a community.


How GRCC can help

If you need help with managing, supporting or recruiting volunteers then GRCC have a number of resources that can help you with this:

-         Volunteer Manager’s Network – This network is an opportunity for anyone responsible for volunteers in their organisation to come together to make contacts and share good practice and ideas. It is an invaluable network and provides a multitude of opportunities for members. Sign up here.

-         Bespoke training courses – GRCC offers a number of training and development workshops throughout the year to the voluntary and community sector. Our next session, which will be about managing, supporting and retaining volunteers, is on the 5th December. If you’re interested, book here.

-         One-to-One support – GRCC offers one-to-one support for organisations such as developing a volunteering strategy, creating policies and procedures, and creating a volunteer handbook. Contact us now to find out more.