GRCC Volunteer Managers’ Network

The next Volunteer Managers’ Network will be on the 5th December and will focus on developing a volunteering strategy and of course, there will be opportunity to network will colleagues from across the county.

The Volunteer Managers’ Network is an opportunity for anyone responsible for volunteers in their organisation to come together to make contacts and share good practice and ideas. It is an invaluable network and provides a multitude of opportunities for members.

The focus of this network will be on ‘developing a volunteering strategy’. It’s vitally important to have a strategy in place in any walk of life as it can provide the foundations for you to grow and succeed. In volunteering management, it is the same. A volunteering strategy helps your organisation’s volunteering programme to be built on sure a foundation, with identified links to your strategic plan and outcomes for your beneficiaries.

These meetings also offer the opportunity to network with colleagues from around the county and therefore the opportunity to learn from others and also share your own knowledge with them. Networking with others in the sector continues to be vital in learning and in developing links with like-minded organisations and individuals to achieve your goals and so is an important part of this meeting.

At the last meeting, the focus was on ‘working with challenging volunteers’. There was plenty of discussion and sharing of ideas, including informal approaches to tackling issues and more using more formal approaches to be clear about expectations (volunteer agreements, code of conduct, volunteer handbook and training and support).

The December meeting will have our usual round robin, where you get an opportunity to share any news, events, issues or concerns from your organisation and this is a great opportunity to get a general picture of the sector and also raise anything that you wish to.

If you would like to attend then please contact and consider joining the network, or any of our other networks, by clicking here.

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