Cotswold Know Your Patch Network Review

On Thursday morning, GRCC held the final Cotswold network of the year in what was an interesting and engaging event.

The network was held at the Cirencester Baptist Church, which was looking stunning in the autumn sun and there were around 35 attendees. The theme for this network was volunteering in and around Cirencester.

The network began with a talk from Fran Embleton-Smith from the Churn Project. She explained what the project was and how they helped the community but also how they recruit and look after their volunteers. You can read about the Churn Project on their website.

Next up was Fiona Galbraith from FWAG South West who firstly, explained about FWAG and their volunteers and then secondly, took the group through an innovative and engaging activity which would end up revealing FWAG’s volunteering email. The end result can be seen below and if you can’t make out the email, it is

A break for refreshments and networking followed this and was a good opportunity to meet other organisations at the meeting.

To round off the network, Barbara Pond first allowed attendees to address the whole group and tell them about their organisation and then secondly, explained to the group the new Gloucestershire County Council’s new Health and Wellbeing Strategy. This can be read here.

There will be a Cheltenham Know Your Patch Network for VCS organisations in Cheltenham and if you would like to find out more and book on then click here.