GRCC Training and Development courses

GRCC are pleased to announce our programme for training and development courses this autumn.

There will be four courses, all held at GRCC, running throughout the autumn and each will aim to help you improve vital skills (or if you just need a refresher on certain topics).

The range of courses available can be seen below. We’ve got you covered if you need help with writing a great funding bid, recovering your costs, managing and supporting volunteers or looking to work with other organisations.

Each course will be £60 (VAT included). There is a bursary option, which if you qualify for, will make this course just £12.

You can book by visiting our events section on the GRCC website and filling out our booking form. All the training programmes are listed as events and the booking form is available to download and complete on any of these pages. This then needs to be emailed to Or you can click here to download it now.


Courses Available:

Got an important funding bid coming up? New to funding? Simply want to refresh your funding skills? If so, this course is ideal for you.

Barbara Pond will lead this workshop to help you explore the key elements of a successful funding bid. Barbara has supported a wide variety of funding bids during her time at GRCC and is perfectly placed to lead this workshop.

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We all know the importance of cost recovery and setting your annual budget, but, do you know how to do this in a successful way?

Angela Gilbert leads this workshop that will give you the tools to achieve full cost recovery. This workshop is ideal for those new or inexperienced to setting budgets, charging for services or making funding applications.

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This is a short session, led by Chris Hickey from Charlton HR, for trustees and managers and will be an opportunity for them to explore some of the issues involved in working with other organisations. 

There is a clear gradient involved in organisations working together that starts with not competing with each other, moves to sharing information and/or resources, through to cooperation and on to collaboration.

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Volunteers are a vital part in society and most organisations will have volunteers of some description, with many surviving off the dedication of volunteers. Therefore, managing, supporting and retaining volunteers is fundamental.

Angela Gilbert (GRCC) will be leading this workshop which is ideal for anyone responsible for volunteers and who wants improve the volunteering experience in their organisation.

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