Unstoppable launch on International Women's Day

GRCC is pleased to be involved with the fight against period poverty in Cheltenham as part of the new Unstoppable campaign.  Unstoppable is a Cheltenham Partnership project to make sure that no one in the town goes without sanitary products as a result of their inability to pay for them.  It was launched on International Women's Day (8 March) and means that partners around the town will have stocks of sanitary products, that can be accessed by anyone unable to afford to buy them.

Nationally 1 in 10 girls have been unable to afford sanitary wear and 1 in 7 have had to ask to borrow from a friend due to affordability issues.  A recent study showed that there are many people in Cheltenham living in poverty, with some areas of the town among the most deprived in England.  Data also indicates that poverty is more likely to affect women than men.  

As well as providing free sanitary products, Unstoppable will also tackle the stigma associated with period poverty through an educational marketing campaign.  Partners including Cheltenham Borough Council, GRCC, Vision 21, Family Space, C3, CMAS and the Cheltenham Trust have come together to develop this initiative, which is funded through the Gloucestershire County Council from the Period Poverty Fund.  

For more information and details of how your organisation might join the project, and where the distribution points are, visit the Unstoppable page on the Cheltenham Borough Council website.