Neighbourhood Development Plans/Neighbourhood Plans

Under The Localism Act and Neighbourhood Planning Regulations your community can compose its own Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP). This is a legal planning document which will be used to assess planning applications in your community. 

Grants of up to £9,000 are currently available to communities producing NDPs. Go to the My Community website for more details.

District and Borough Councils in Gloucestershire have produced Local Plans to show how they can achieve housing and employment targets.  Your community may want to complete a Neighbourhood Plan to help add detail and local knowledge to how development could be shaped in your area, to dovetail with the ideas set out in your Local Plan.

NDPs focus on shaping new development so are based on land use and planning issues around practical things such as:

• provision of walking and cycling routes
• design of buildings
• traffic management
• utilities
• affordable housing
• sites for facilities e.g. shopping area, school, play area
• where new allotments go
• wildlife and landscape areas.

The NDP process involves several consultation stages, an examination and a final referendum before the NDP can become a statutory document so it’s important that you assess whether it’s the right way forward for you, and that you have the people and resources to create an NDP.

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