Community Design Statements (CDS)

All communities have their own, distinctive design character – whether urban or rural – and keeping that character is what makes them special.

Community Design Statements (also known as Village Design Statements) give groups and individuals the chance to influence the Local Plan (developed by the local District Council) to keep their community’s unique personality.

A CDS focuses on the form and character of new developments (e.g. house style, height, use of open spaces) not on whether or not development should take place.

Undertaking a CDS helps communities to:

  • Learn more about the place where they live, and what local people value and want to conserve and enhance
  • Offer their own guidance for any development, influencing planning applications.

Developing a CDS involves getting key people in your community together, gathering evidence to support your claims and drafting a robust statement. Your statement will be as unique as your community, so there’s no ‘off-the-peg’ solution to preparing one. You can be creative with your statement, including videos and case studies to bring it alive.

However you decide to pursue a CDS, involving the whole community means you can share tasks and responsibilities. Be sure to contact the District/Borough Council before starting a CDS to find out how it will be used to inform planning decisions.

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