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Road safety: offering ideas and solutions to communities


Road safety is one of the hot topics in communities and actions to address road safety and speeding feature in the majority of Gloucestershire parish and Neighbourhood Plans.  However in an environment of funding cuts, police have less resources available to enforce and Gloucestershire County Council has less funding to maintain roads and develop safer schemes.  What impact will this have on community safety and what role could communities and individuals play?

Community approaches: Events and Toolkit

The original CARTS toolkit (Community Approaches to Reducing Traffic Speed) was developed in 2012 following a series of events organised by GRCC to explore how communities could approach finding solutions to traffic speed and road safety issues, within a climate of funding cuts.  The 70 attendees explored solutions for a selection of scenarios.

GRCC received funding from the Commissioner's Fund (Gloucestershire Police and Crime Commissioner) to produce a follow up version of the toolkit and the concept of exploring ideas, considering their benefits and concerns and provision of links to examples in action has continued.  However the toolkit has also been expanded to consider wider road safety issues rather than just speeding and its name (CARS - Community Approaches to Road Safety) reflects this change.

Two events organised by GRCC in May 2016 enabled groups to further consider community roles in tackling road safety issues and also allowed them to shape Gloucestershire's Community Safety Hub, established by the Road Safety Partnership and launched in October 2016.

GRCC has worked with a core group of representatives from a number of communities to explore ideas and refine the new toolkit and we are very grateful for their contribution.  We are also grateful to members of the Road Safety Partnership, Gloucestershire County Council and Gloucestershire Constabulary for their input throughout the process of amending the toolkit.  The core group is keen to work on behalf of all Gloucestershire's communities and meet other key decision makers in Gloucestershire County Council and the Road Safety Partnership to see how all parties can pool resources and work together to address communities' concerns and challenges and to celebrate and share success.

Safe and Social Driving

Communities were delighted to hear that 'safe and social driving' featured as one of the 5 key strands of the original Gloucestershire Police and Crime Plan and remains as a key strand in the 2016 revised version of the Plan.  Many communities have also taken advantage of the opportunities offered by the Commissioner's Fund to put in place new measures to tackle road safety.

A new version of the CARS Toolkit is now available - click the image in the sidebar to download.

Watch this space for more information and if you have any queries about the work of the CARS group, please contact Elin Tattersall 01452 528491



Once the toolkit is open in a browser window, to download the PDF click Control and the letter 's'.  This will enable the links in the toolkit to open in a new window.

If you have difficulty in opening this document, then please contact GRCC: