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Additional GRCC Services

GRCC sources funding in order to be able to make our services accessible to communities and groups, free of charge. It can also offer additional professional services for voluntary, statutory or private organisations.

These services include:

Data analysis

GRCC has gathered and analysed surveys for research projects with the University of Gloucestershire and GFirst as well as local surveys for parish councils and voluntary organisations. Specialist survey software (SNAP) enables the quick and accurate scanning and analysis of data, eliminating the need for time-consuming manual data entry. Paper questionnaires, online surveys or a mixture of both can also be processed.


GRCC has on its staff a number of experienced facilitators who can run large or small sessions for your community group to facilitate meetings, options analysis and decision making workshops and community consultation.

Bespoke training and workshops

GRCC can run workshops and training on a variety of topics including organisational management, governance, business planning, project development, community engagement and community-led planning.

Mentoring support for organisational development

GRCC can provide a mentor who can help to analyse an organisation's current status and develop improvement actions, as well as preparation for external assessment.


GRCC's experienced mediators can help a community move towards solutions when groups are finding it difficult to work together, or if there is an issue between a community and a statutory body.

For details fo charges for these services, please contact GRCC. Some districts may be able to receive some of these services free of charge.