In Touch

Everyone likes to feel part of something, and getting out and about in the community can make all the difference to how you feel – both physically and emotionally. Why should it all come to a halt in later life?

GRCC’s In Touch service signposts people aged 50 and over to a whole range of local health-related and social activities and also helps the organisers keep them up and running.  In Touch will also work with communities to identify potential gaps in provision in activity for older people and help them to look for funding, give advice on set up and take them through the process of recruiting volunteers and becoming a sustainable group.

We share our knowledge with health and social care professionals to give them an insight into what people need and how it helps build healthier, happier communities.

If you’re 50 plus:-

• In Touch offers information and advice about health and social activities across Gloucestershire – and help to join in

• We have a database of clubs and activities for older people in Gloucestershire - email Julie or call on 01452 528 491 to find out about the ones near you

• We hold local information events offering answers and advice about the issues that affect you

• We keep you up to date with what’s going on in your area and welcome your ideas and suggestions – click the buttons on the right to get our newsletter and give us your ideas

If you run a group or activity:

  • In Touch gets older and younger people together to enjoy activities like cooking, growing food and sharing memories.  It’s a great way to learn from each other and enjoy good company.  We can connect you with other groups so that you can learn from each other
  • In Touch supports volunteers in everything they need to do to set up a group or run an activity, from regular Tai Chi in the park, to Lunch Clubs and Pub Clubs
  • We work with you to put all the processes in place to start up your activity
  • We help you get more people on board and can give you advice on keeping your group or activity safe, sustainable – and fun!  We can also help you get new speakers to come and talk at your club or group – just download/call us for our speakers list

If you’re a professional involved in health and social care:

  • We can contribute to health and social care strategy by sharing our knowledge and the insight we have gained by working with older people on their own terms

Contact Us
For more information about In Touch and how we can support you or your group, contact Kevin Dower at or call 01452 528491.