Digital Inclusion Project

Being able to use modern technology and navigate the internet is proving more and more important in today's society.  If a person finds it difficult to send an email or complete an online grocery shop then they lack basic digital skills and might feel digitally excluded.  

GRCC has come up with a number of initiatives to empower the elderly, the socially isolated, the vulnerable, and their carers to use the internet in order to feel more connected with their communities and more in control of their daily lives.  We work with the Community Wellbeing Service and partner agencies to identify the people who need our help, and we have a growing network of volunteers who are recruited through our website and online "DO IT" and Volunteering Gloucestershire profiles.  All of our volunteers are interviewed by us, and we run a DBS check as part of the recruitment process.

As well as working with individuals, we can assist in the setting up of computer clubs in libraries and community buildings.  We can also help groups and individuals with grant applications for computer equipment.

Contact Us

If you are interested in volunteering as a Connecting Adviser click the button in the right hand sidebar to find out more.

If you are in need of support in learning how to use the internet, contact Matthew Keighley at or 01452 528491.