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Annual report

Older People - In Touch Project

The aim of GRCC’s In Touch Project is to enable older people to access health related and social activities in their communities, through the provision of information, advice and signposting, resulting in greater independence and physical/mental wellbeing. It does so, by:

  • Providing older people with information, advice and access to health related and social activities in Gloucestershire (existing and new)
  • Liaising with and further developing relationships with health and social care professionals providing information and learning relating to the work of the project
  • Continuing to hold events relating to health, the transformation of social care and emerging needs of older people 
  • Remaining visible and engaging in strategic activity to ensure the needs of older people living in the county are considered in the planning process

What we do

Advice and information to older people's groups

In Touch gives sound advice, support and information to existing older people's groups on issues around funding, constitutions, volunteers, insurance requirements, health and safety, food hygiene, risk assessment, speakers and entertainment, transport, available services and forthcoming events

Setting up new lunch clubs and social groups

We work with individuals and communities to set up new social groups, lunch clubs and activities for older people by identifying the need and working together to put in place all the necessary processes to ensure the group is vibrant and sustainable. Examples include Pub Clubs

Annual countywide events

Each year, we hold a series of countywide information events on a range of subjects based on the issues and concerns arising from our day to day involvement with the clubs and groups we help. Subjects have included information days on local services available, equity release, bereavement, personalised budgets, healthy living and volunteering.  An information day toolkit is available for groups wishing to organise their own mini information day

Intergenerational projects

We have worked successfully across the county in partnership with other agencies to deliver a series of intergenerational projects  bridging the gap and encouraging dialogue between the generations. Subject areas have included projects based around allotments and growing food, conservation and poetry, cooking through the ages, childhood memories and a ‘penpal’ initiative to link older people in care homes with the community

Activities promoting good health

We work with local communities to deliver local health related activities including the successful T’ai Chi Qi Gong sessions helping to maintain balance and general mental and physical wellbeing in older people and cookery projects to encourage older people to maintain a healthy diet and enjoy cooking for themselves.

Any forthcoming events organised by In Touch will be displayed on the GRCC events page.


Julie Pritchard, In Touch Adviser

Kevin Dower, In Touch Co-ordinator







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Database of Activities

We hold a database of activities and clubs for older people in Gloucestershire. If you would like details of your nearest clubs please get in touch with Julie on 01452 528 491

Speakers List

Are you looking for new speakers to come and talk at your club? Please get in touch with Julie on 01452 528 491 to get a copy of our speakers list

In Touch Newsletter - June 2017 (5.3MB)