Tewkesbury Flood Wardens find help online

Marilyn Cox welcomed Tewkesbury's Flood Wardens, especially the newer members of the team, to a training session on 25 January.  She began by telling them about the Water Management and Increased Resiliance project which she is working on.  This has recently started to identify gaps where vulnerable areas may not be known.  If anyone is interested in finding out more, email Marilyn on marilync@grcc.org.uk.

Hasfield's Flood Warden gave a very useful and informative presentation on using the internet and software to help with the Flood Warden role.  He emphasised the way people can tailor sources to use for their specific patch, and in advance of an emergency.  Particularly useful is the flood alert (awareness) and flood warning (possible imminent action) page from the Flood Information Service.  Tewkesbury Borough's Flood Engineer also mentioned a river gauge map and rainfall estimates as useful tools, all of which are available for everyone to have a look at.

Isbourne's Sedgeberrow Flood Warden introduced a template which combines a parish map of vulnerable areas, photos and key information into one document.  The maps will be useful for succession, for explanation of issues, and for external people coming into the area to solve issues.

Marilyn paid tribute to the Tewkesbury Flood Wardens for the levels of local knowledge and skills which meant they were invaluable in their role.