Celebrating in Stoke Orchard and Tredington - CPRE Glos winners


Marilyn Cox and Barbara Pond were pleased to be invited to join the celebrations at the Stoke Orchard Community Centre on 11th November, following the presentation of a Community Award to the parish at the CPRE Gloucestershire awards.  

The citation read:

For a community centre designed on the Passivhaus principle, by forward thinking community leaders, supported and enjoyed by the community.

The award had been collected by Parish Council Chair Richard Chatham on behalf of the whole community in recognition of their efforts.  At the celebration event Richard thanked Sue Fereday and the Community Centre Committee for all their work.  He also thanked Cathy Reid, Parish Clerk, for her support and commitment on her retirement after 12 years.  Richard went on to say that the Council and the Clerk had received enormous support from the GRCC, GAPTC and Tewkesbury Borough Planning Officers.

The full list of CPRE Gloucestershire Award Winners can be found on the CPRE website.  Congratulations to all the nominees and winners.

Barbara Pond has worked with Stoke Orchard and Tredington on setting up the community shop, which is located in the community centre, whilst Marilyn Cox is currently helping the Parish Council with their Emergency Plan.  Find out how GRCC can help support your community projects and services on our website.