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Support available from GRCC

Support and guidance from GRCC while you undertake your NDP

GRCC's Localism Lead Project can support you to produce your Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP). We bring...

  • Independent, neutral advice
  • Local knowledge
  • Proven expertise in community-led planning, engagement, housing, policy development and Neighbourhood Development Plans

Free to all rural communities in Gloucestershire

A workshop or presentation for your group on Neighbourhood Development Plans. Is it the right route for you and what will be involved? 
Contact Elin Tattersall at GRCC for details.

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Support to undertake the NDP

If you want to undertake a NDP then GRCC can provide support and guidance at each step.

  • Set up – set up your steering group and plan your Plan properly
  • Evidence gathering – what to gather, where to find it, analysing what it means to your community
  • Consulting with your community – using appropriate methods and interpreting the responses to give visions and objectives for your Plan
  • Generating and testing solutions - what needs to be tested, how and interpreting the results
  • Support to compose policies and actions for your Plan and guidance on drafting and consulting on the final Plan

Additional support includes conducting surveys, consultation event facilitation, policy writing and Plan composition.

You can find out more about the process and the support GRCC can offer from our 'On a page' guide to the NDP process and support.


Grants of up to £9,000 are available to communities undertaking NDPs. Go to the My Community Rights website for more details.