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History of GRCC

GRCC was established in 1923 with the aim of promoting education and alleviating poverty in rural communities in the aftermath of the First World War.

It was formed by various county benefactors and included the county council, educators, WIs, the YMCA, the NFU and the British Legion. It represented the wide range of voluntary organisations at work in the county.
Back then, the work of GRCC was divided between five committees: Health, Education, Juvenile Welfare, Rural Industries and Music.

A letter published in 1924 describes how GRCC was “established for the purpose of encouraging and fostering village activities and of bringing such activities into touch with each other and with central organisations. Its primary aim is the development of education and social life in a village, but it may foster any activities that make for the happiness or elevation of a community, provided they are non-political and non-sectarian in character”.

The world may have changed, but GRCC's ethos of empowering rural communities to make the best decisions for themselves remains constant.