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Annual report

Emergency Planning

What is a Community Emergency Plan?

A Community Emergency Plan is a document setting out how a community could respond to an emergency situation whilst awaiting the assistance of statutory authorities and Emergency Services, or in supporting those services when they arrive.

The floods of 2007 and the heavy snows of winters 2009 and 2010 caused disruption across Gloucestershire and made people think about how prepared they were for an emergency. Communities are therefore being encouraged to produce their own Emergency Plan so that they can be prepared, know what to do, and be able to bounce back.

Why have a Community Emergency Plan?

It will:

  • Allow the community to be prepared and to cope if statutory authorities or Emergency Services are not immediately available
  • Help make individuals aware of what they can do in advance to reduce risk
  • Link the local knowledge, facilities and people so that an emergency has less impact on a community and people are less likely to suffer injury or damage
  • Organise people to work together with the statutory authorities in a safe and effective way, and to take instructions from Emergency Services
  • Make good use of local assets, raise awareness and help to support others

GRCC Community Emergency Planning Toolkit

GRCC has brought together a host of practical information and expertise into the "Your Community Emergencty Plan" toolkit to help communities create an emergency plan tailored to their needs.

Click here for details of the toolkit and other resources

Contact Marilyn Cox at GRCC on 01452 528491 or email