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Community Emergency Planning Toolkit

GRCC devised this toolkit in 2010 and provided a free copy in CD-ROM form to every rural Gloucestershire parish and town council.

What is included in the toolkit?

  • A step by step guide to producing your plan – preparing before an emergency, measures to take during an emergency and what to do afterwards to recover
  • Fully adjustable Microsoft Word templates to download and adjust as you wish, with some completed examples
  • Examples of how communities are approaching emergency planning and lessons learned from their experiences
  • Information about linking up with local authorities, which have overall responsibility for emergency planning and will be able to provide some support and advice
  • Key contact details

What do people think of the toolkit?

"The toolkit was particularly useful to get our ideas into a first draft plan. Then we could see the gaps and start filling them in. The templates helped to organise information such as emergencies relevant to us." Barnsley and Coates Parish Councillor

The Gloucestershire Civil Protection Team, who liaised with GRCC stated that the toolkit:

  • Is extremely user friendly and not overwhelming
  • Makes the development of a plan look achievable in easy steps
  • Provides downloadable templates to allow for the preferences of the group formulating the plan, with completed examples too
  • Contains explanations, hints and tips, and encourages personal, as well as community resilience
  • Includes experiences of dealing with various emergencies from a community perspective and lessons learnt

Find out more about emergency planning in action here


GRCC will provide training on the use of this toolkit which can be tailored to the need of your community. This could include clarifying roles of a steering group, engaging with parish and town councils and how to involve the wider community.

An introduction to the toolkit can be downloaded here. There are also templates available for parish/town council and parish meetings, see the green links on the right hand panel of this page.

Please contact Marilyn Cox for more information.

GRCC Community Emergency Plan toolkit (PDF download)

Please be aware, viewing the toolkit in your browser will not enable the interactive element of the PDF; you will need to download the toolkit to your computer to be able to make use of it.

Sample pages - GRCC Community Emergency Plan toolkit

Emergency Plan template for town/parish councils

Emergency Plan template for parish meetings

Emergency Planning topic sheet (composed by GRCC)