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Review and refresh

How do Communities Review and Refresh their Parish and Community-led plans?

Many Gloucestershire Communities completed their Parish and Community-led plan around five years ago and are now considering how to refresh the Plan.

What are the stages involved?

Reviewing the Plan

  • Analyse actions from the previous Plan
  • Record and celebrate achievements

Refreshing the Plan

The process can be much more straightforward than that involved in devising an initial Plan and can therefore be achieved in around one month.

  • Sum up the changes in the community since the last Plan was completed.
  • Consult with the community to find out  if any actions should be carried forward or if any new actions should be introduced.
  • Draw up a new action plan and liaise with potential partners.
  • Consult with the community to help set priorities within the new action plan. 
  • Write an introduction to the action plan summarising methods used and findings (half a side of A4 will suffice).

Help available

GRCC Advisers can support your community through all stages of the Review and Refresh process. They can provide templates to speed up the process and tips on how to approach consultation, analyse the results and draw up the Plan.

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