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Data analysis service

Are you considering using a questionnaire to gather the views of your community but feel daunted by the time it will take to input and analyse all the information?

Our specialist survey software (Snap) enables us to scan and analyse data quickly and accurately, eliminating the need for time-consuming manual data entry. We can process paper questionnaires, online surveys or a mixture of both.

In some cases the service can be offered free of charge (e.g. for groups working on parish plans with a GRCC adviser) or at a reduced rate (e.g. for GRCC members).

What does the data analysis service include?  

As part of the service we can:

  • reformat your questionnaire to give a professional appearance
  • print your questionnaires if required (additional charge applies)
  • electronically scan the data from paper questionnaires
  • analyse the data from paper and/or online questionnaires to give numbers and percentages
  • present the results in a range of formats, from a simple report displaying the figures in the body of the questionnaire (see image, right) to data tables and graphs

Our experience

We have been analysing community questionnaires for over 10 years, with around 70 parish plans processed to date as well as a wide range of other surveys.

Here are just a few quotes from communities who have used this service:

  • "Thanks again for your work on this.  You did a splendid job for us"
  • “You’ve made the questionnaire look great!”
  • “I really like the way the results are presented, it's very user-friendly and will be really easy to display and for people to understand.”
  • “The advice and practical help you gave in developing the questionnaire and in the production of the results has helped us make significant progress. I found your advice both realistic and practical, contributing to a questionnaire which householders were able to complete with few problems.  More recently I have been working with the results and I have also found these easy to understand and use.”
  • “Many thanks for a fantastic job in collating the results... and so quickly.  We think this moves our schedule forward by one month.”

Contact us

Helen Richards  01452 528491