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Affordable Housing for Rural Gloucestershire

The lack of suitable affordable housing in Gloucestershire is a serious problem for many people who are forced to move home out of the countryside and into our larger towns and cities. The movement of people away from their roots has a major impact on rural communities in Gloucestershire, both socially and economically.

The problem is illustrated by: 

  • The average cost of a terraced house in Gloucestershire in August 2014 was £142,184 and house prices in rural parts are often significantly higher (source of information HM Land Registry). This is more than 6x the median (50th percentile) £23,591 gross annual earnings of residents in Gloucestershire.
  • Mortgage lenders often require first time buyers to put down a deposit of at least 15% of house purchase price and restrict the amount of mortgage to no more than 3.5x joint annual income.  For many would-be first time buyers the costs are unaffordable in Gloucestershire, and especially so in rural areas where house prices are often higher.
  • It is calculated that 20,200 new homes a year are required in the South West to meet housing needs, including 6,000-10,000 affordable homes for people who cannot afford to buy or rent on the open market. The coalition Government has promised 150,000 additional affordable homes throughout England during 2011 to 2015.

GRCC’s Rural Housing Enabler can help by:

  • Working with parish councils to undertake local housing needs surveys
  • Finding sites for affordable housing
  • Working with local housing/planning authorities, housing associations and community land trusts in the provision of affordable housing
  • Promoting understanding of affordable housing within local communities and raising the profile of housing needs in Gloucestershire
  • Championing new ideas and exploring new ways of working to provide affordable housing

Gloucestershire Rural Housing Partnership is set up to measure and address the need for affordable housing in our parishes. 

Parishes that would like more information about rural housing or wish to undertake a local housing needs survey please contact:

The Rural Housing Enabler, Martin Hutchings,  tel 01452 528491 or email

Community House
15 College Green

To find out more about the work of the Rural Housing Enabler please click here.

Community groups in Stroud District with an interest in any form of community-led housing should contact Lois Taylor, Community-Led Housing Enabler (Stroud), tel: 01452 528491 or email

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Some of the new affordable homes in Gloucestershire;

Minchinhampton, completed in 2014


Tibberton, completed in 2014


King's Stanley, completed in 2013

King's Stanley

Whitminster, completed in 2013